Hi, I am

Marie-Josée Dubé

Front-end developer based in Vancouver, Canada

Front-end developer by day, in the wild by the weekend!

A little bit about me...

My hobbies mainly consist of being in the outdoors such as; rock climbing, hiking and trail running.

When I'm at home, I enjoy learning to broaden my coding skills and sharpen my abilities with the bass guitar.

Technologies I know...
  • React.js
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Responsive Development

I'm always eager to learn another language because I know it opens up a vast range of opportunities in the tech industry and can greatly enhance the UX.

The tools I work with...
  • VS Code
  • GitHub
  • Figma
  • and much more..

I have a work-from-home setup such as; dual monitors, ergonomic mouse and a sit/standing desk as I value comfort for productivity level.

Here's a few of my projects...


My React.js dictionary. This was fun because I enjoy React but also love the creative aspect of incorporating not only the API for the dictionary Data, but an API to include images. CSS and HTML was also used to design the app.

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Here is a multi-page Responsive Development website, I had fun creating this, It felt like a real-life work project. This page was created with HTML, CSS and used Bootstrap.

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I created a Weather App with React.js to really show the difference between vanilla JavaScript and the power of React with fewer lines of code, CSS and HTML was also involved in this project of course, I added some APIs to complete this project.

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Here's a travel Responsive Development webpage made with HTML and CSS, I had fun incorporating some embeds as well.

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Project using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create this weather app. I enjoyed seeing the diffference of creating another Weather App but this time using vanilla JS instead of React.js. I Used JavaScript to change the CSS to create a different background colour for hours of the evening and also for something fun. I enjoyed working with APIs to gain the data.

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About I developed a world clock using JavaScript that seamlessly integrates different time zones through APIs. To enhance the application's visual appeal, I utilized HTML and CSS to add a creative touch and a better User Experience (UX) by having the page run efficiently.

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